Courage to Speak Out
Kinue Tokudome

My Uncle, Louis Read
Norman Read, Jr.

POW Robert Heer's visit to Hakodate
Yuka Ibuki

POW Educational Project
Edward Jackfert

Ambassador Kennedy, Obama’s visit to Hiroshima and the POW issue
Rabbi Abraham Cooper

History of the Atomic Bomb and Its Lesson:
Searching for True Dialogue Between Japan and the United States

Kinue Tokudome

Divided by War, United in Friendship
Terry Smyth

Why we built the memorial plates on Mukaishima: An American flag after 68 years
Koshi Kobayashi

Prime Minister Abe should invite President Obama to Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Kinue Tokudome

An Amazing Journey: Trip to the site of Omine Machi POW camp
Linda McDavitt

Interview with Laura Hillenbrand, the author of Unbroken
Kinue Tokudome

Philippines tour 2012
Yuka Ibuki and Shizu Maekawa

70th anniversary of the defense of the Philippines
Kinue Tokudome

2011 Dialogue on Hopevale Martyrdom Panay in 1943
Yuka Ibuki

The Last Ring Home – A story of war, love and hope
Minter Dial

Conversation with Mr. Arthur Lane, FEPOW
Kinue Tokudome

POW Forced Labor: In Search of an Honorable Closure
Kinue Tokudome

A Brother’s Hero
Edward Malikowski

Remembering Dr. Albert Brown, the oldest Bataan Death March survivor
Jan Thompson

Omine Machi POW memorial

Laura Hillenbrand

Reflection on attending the 2011 DG-ADBC Convention
Shizu Maekawa posted

In Memory of Mr. Raymond Hap Halloran
Yuka Ibuki

Memorial Day 1943
Wes Injerd

messages to the Japanese people

Santo Tomas liberation

Mukden POW camp

Adapt Or Die: A Former Japanese POW Tells All  
JD Merritt

Grandsons of Japanese POW and Bataan Death March Survivor Travel to Japan
Timothy C. Ruse

Obstacle hindering mutual understanding between Japan and the Philippine on history
Naoko Jin

Japanese Companies Should Apologize to Former POWs
Dr. Lester Tenney and Kinue Tokudome

Descendants Group Convention highlights

My Friend Louis “Lou” Curtis (1919-2010)
Donald Versaw

Mr. Clay Perkins helped to expose lies in the Atomic bomb book

Who Is A Veteran? How Can You Tell One
Lester Tenney

ADBC Museum plans move forward
Kinue Tokudome

when men must live
Kenneth B. Murphy and James T. Murphy

Revisit to Japan by former US POW, Mr. Raymond  C. Heimubuch
Yuka Ibuki

Interview with Ms. Virginia Hansen Holmes, the author of Guerrilla Daughter
Kinue Tokudome

Two days in Subic and Corregidor 64 years after the WWII Pacific Theatre
Yuka Ibuki

Interview with Mr. Philip M. Garcia

An American Soldier’s Album, found in Bataan by a Japanese
Yuka Ibuki

Remembering Mr. Yoshio Terauchi
Yuka Ibuki

Remembering Martin S. Christie
Don Versaw

Remembering Bob Brown
Shelly Zimbler

Friendship Born Out of Fathers Lost
Akira Tsurukame

Interview with Mr. Levenberg
Kinue Tokudome

Secret History of the American Soldiers Killed by the Atomic Bomb
by Shigeaki Mori (reviewed by Yuka Ibuki)

POW compensation bill: Significance for Japan
Kinue Tokudome

Memorial service for POWs
Yuka Ibuki

Kobe Port Peace Memorial
Toru Fukubayashi


In My Father's Footsteps 
James L. Nelson

POW and Interpreter
Kazuo Kobayashi

Dr. Lester Tenney's Visit to Japan (May 28 - June 6, 2008)
Yuka Ibuki

My Role in Honoring America’s Veterans: Portraying the Reality of True Sacrifice
Anthony Zendejas

Looking Forward to Attending the ADBC Convention
Gaku Ishimau

Photo Album of Zentsuji POW camp

Manila Liberation Reunion

Zentsuji POW Camp
Koshi Kobayashi

 letter to Ambassador Schieffer asking for assistance
Lester Tenney

Greetings for the 4th year
Kinue Tokudome and Yuka Ibuki

Stolen Valor: A phony Bataan Death March survivor was exposed by a real survivor
Kinue Tokudome

Carlos: A Tale of Survival
J. L. Kunkle

Remembering Col. Rosen (1918-2007)
Kinue Tokudome

Working On the Railway of Death
Eric Niderost

Former POWs remember and depict their experiences

Roster of Deceased Siberian POW Internees
Yuka Ibuki

Telling the Truth with Compassionate Objectivity
Gregory Hadley

POW essay
Akina Kobayashi

POW essay
Laura Abbott

POW essay
Meghan Berver

18th Bataan Memorial Death March
Kinue Tokudome


Linda Goetz Holmes

satellite images of POW camps
John Lewis

One More Fight for Redress regarding WWII in Asia Siberian POW Internees
Yuka Ibuki

Commander Chick Parsons and the Japanese
Peter Parsons

The Rescue of the Doomed Ghost Soldiers of Bataan
Anthony Zendejas

History Day Essay on POWs
Anthony Zendejas

Palawan Massacre

On Forgiveness and Apology:
Conversation with Mr. Harold Poole and the late Captain Duane Heisinger

Kinue Tokudome

Too Dead to Die: A Memoir of Bataan and Beyond
Steve Raymond and Mike Pride

Confession—My Life and the Crimes of the Assailant  
Yoshiji Watanabe        

Interview with Mr. James Parkinson, the author of Soldier Slaves
Kinue Tokudome

Lester Tenney

Victims of Circumstances
Lou Gopal and Michelle Bunn

College Students from Japan and the U.S. Attended the POW Reunion
Asako Yoshida and Adam Donais

Essay Contest winning essays
Asako Yoshida and Adam Donais

The Philippine Scouts Heritage Society reunion speech
Kinue Tokudome

Annual Bataan Memorial Death March At White Sands, NM
Nancy A. Murphy

Two little girls lost their Czech fathers on a Japanese Hellship
Jane Bzoch Cambus and Hanna Varak Romans Witherspoon

Bataan Memorial Death March
Alan Overmier

Hellships Memorial

Revisit and First Visit : Japan
Yuka Ibuki

The HellshipsLest We Forget 
Henry Morfit Neiger

Letter to my American Friends--Japanese POW Internment in Siberia : 60 Years Later
The Japanese Government Is Betraying Old Soldiers and Justice

Koichi Ikeda

Interview with Professor Elizabeth Norman, the author of We Band of Angels

Kinue Tokudome

Article on the Bataan Death March Published in Japan's Premier Magazine, Bungei Shunju
Yuka Ibuki

This Veterans Day Will Japan Finally Apologize to the Last Survivors of Bataan?

Rabbi Abraham Cooper and Kinue Tokudome

William Bowen 

Never forgetting the war I fought, I shall keep telling the folly and the horror of a war Kohken Tsuchiya

The Causes of the Bataan Death March Revisited
Jim Nelson

Interview with Mr. John A. Glusman, author of Conduct Under Fire
Kinue Tokudome

Sixty years after the war--What can young Japanese generation do?
Naoko Jin

Mothers' Letters

Former POW Robert A. Brown returns to Mukden camp
Kinue Tokudome

Remembering my father: My post-war life as a child of a war criminal
Osamu Komai

The Future:  Forgiveness and Responsibility
Lester Tenney

Asahi on Dr. Teneny

From Bataan to Hiroshima

Mainichi Shimbun op-ed
Lester Tenney and Kinue Tokudome