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This website is maintained by US-JAPAN DIALOGUE ON POWS, a California based non-profit organization.

During World War II, some 27,000 American soldiers were captured by the Japanese military, and of those over 11,000 died during their captivity due to inhumane treatment, executions, starvation and diseases. Of the nearly 14,000 American civilians interned by the Japanese military about 1,500 died as well. Many of them were sent to Japan and forced to work for private Japanese companies as slave laborers.

Yet, their history is not well known in Japan or even in the United States. Neither has there been much dialogue between the two countries on this topic.

Our goal is to make this bilingual website an effective means of communication and education to promote understanding and dialogue among and between the people of Japan and the United States on the history of American POWs of the Japanese during WWII. We hope that by learning together we will remember and honor the sacrifice made by these people.

We would like to thank our former POW friends who shared their stories with us and our Japanese friends who shared their thoughts upon learning the experience of American POWs. We hope that our dialogue will continue.


* Information on Japanese POW camps can be found at this website
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